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Imagine walking into a shopping  with a smartphone, approaching a store and having iBeacon transmit customised coupons or even walking directions to the aisle where a particular item is located. Now your customers shopping experience Retail mobile  technology transforms smartphones into personal help points for employees — allowing you to locate, react, and secure your retail environment in real-time.


Improve indoor location positioning of mobile callers within buildings using our Laketec Indoor  app and more effectively send mass notifications to anyone within certain geographical areas .


Enhance the visitor experience directly on your device. Typically, museums share exhibit information with visitors in a limited and physical way – pamphlets and placards – or with an audio tour. But with indoor location, the museum hoped it could create a more engaging and interactive relationship with visitors.

Trade fairs & exhibitions 

Offers the opportunity to get real time information about stand positioning and navigation. Handbook and old paper chart will be a vintage stuffs.


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